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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Passion for the People

Passion for the stars death on Earth and life on Mars.
Passion for the oceanmoving of the waves without any motion.
Passion for the sportspassing, throwing of all sorts.
Passion for artsacting,drawing,
writing is good for all of our hearts.
Passion for the mathnumbers,
logic things on that pathPassion for the religionsspirits,
belief, the big decisions.
Passion for the Passionunaware of all of that abstraction

Fashion design is the drawing and evaulating of drawings related to textile or clothing garments. In fashion there are 3 sections the mass market, haute couture and ready to wear clothing.

In this section we will show what equipment to use, how to draw a design template, how to evaulate your design and how to gather inspiration

what u mean trend setting..........

A fashion template is unique to you it is a garment drawing which you can trace to save you time next time you are designing the same garment. It works best for shoes as they are the hardest garment to draw and takes forever.

The best thing to do is to use a 2b or b pencil to shade template outline and keep rubbing out mistakes and altering your design utill your happy with it and then you can add detail and emphasis or outlining.

To use the template on your next design you need to get your Semi transparent paper and clip it infront of your template. Then using a ligh pencil trace the outline of the template and then add your detail and then your alterations like logo, branding and design etc.

- Evaulating your designs .

The evaulating is the most important bit to your design so somebody else can understand the garment and can image what it looks like.

The evaulation should include:

-Garment type {e.g. polo shirt}

-Material {e.g. polyester}


-brading or logos

-Details {Elastic cuffs Or thick seam}

-Style {Printed design or stripped}


The description should be writen on a piece of paper to the left hand side with the product design to the right hand side with a title.

- Inspiration .

When designing you need to get inspiration otherwise you will run out of ideas. You should collect research once a month so you are always on track as fashion moves quite quickly and you can easily get left behind.

I would recommend usign a variety of sources inc:

- Fashion retailers

- Fashion brands

- Catwalk garments

- Magazines

- History

- Books & museums

- Culture

You can create a folder on you computer to save photos colelcted from the interent or you can Collect magazine cutouts, cliparts, material squares and print offs to make moodboards.

A trend is the latest of something, in fashion it is the newest style, garments or design that is new this season e.g v-neck t-shirt.

We will help you understand the top mens fashion trends this season, we have collected the images from catwalk shows and fashionable brands.

Latest trends:

1. Printed t-shirt -

This season the printed t-shirt is popular mainly because it lets you express yourself through a Statement or picture. There are many types of prints for t-shirts inc screen printing, foil print, flox print and digital transfer.

Screen printing is a cheap method using a stencil of the design you want on the t-shirt and ink is passed through a woven mesh to create a print and then let to dry and a 2nd layer can be added after.

Foil printing is a more detailed form of printing where you can get a metallic shiny finish is pressed through a heat press transfer onto the garment.

Flox printing is velvet soft material cut of and heat applied to the t-shirt to give it a 3d smooth design.

Flex printing a bright detailed print formed from a sheet of polythene which is heated and pressed then let to dry.

2 . Black trench coat -

A trench coat has been around since world war 1and has recently come back into fashion. This often thick wool or poplin coat is very long sometimes as low as your knees. The latest spring summer trench coats are made of cotton and are thin.

3 . Leather messenger bag -

leather bags are so hot this season and more men are buying messenger bags so the combination
is great. The messenger bag or shoulder bag is a bit larger for men and has a long strap so it doesn’t
look too feminine.

The Messenger bag is a new garment and trend designed from a couriers delivery bags usually red
with silver reflective straps.

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